Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reason #1 why I'm a Control Freak

Me to Brent: "There is a reason why I'm a control freak and it's a perfectly logical one"
Brent : "...and that is?....."
Me continuing on...."Everything's works out better when I'm in charge of it."
Brent: "Spoken like a true control freak"

No comment.

Now what happened to spark this "conversation" you are asking?

Grant and Gwen have picture day today (which as I'm typing this, I'm hoping the kids are smiling and pretending they love each other at least for the 2 second flash during the brother/sister photo)
...... and after much discussion with my cousin, regarding Grant's "borderline needs a haircut" state..we conclude it's best to "trim it up"

A "shape up" kind of cut.
A "touch up" kind of cut.
NOT a "I'm-heading-to-the-military-for-basic training-" kind of cut.

I gear myself and Gwen up for taking Grant after school....In San Diego, we have Bambinos salon for kids as well as  Pigtails and Crewcuts just to name a few....

We are in the car driving to Bambinos and I receive a phone call from hubby. "Let me take him to Sport Clips with me, I need a hair cut too"...

Inner monologue: "HELL NO! It's always 50/50 at that place and I cannot take a chance on a picture day haircut"

After I don't respond Brent says: "Come on, IT WILL BE FINE, and it will give you a break. I'll be home at 6:30 and we'll run up there"

Inner monologue: "Brent DOES need a haircut...."

Me to Brent: "Ok, fine. I did really like his last haircut from there...try to get Melina again and make sure they don't cut it too short"

Brent: "See you at 6:30"

Let me just fast-forward to 8:30 WHEN THEY FINALLY COME HOME from Sport Clips.


Me:" Grant turn around"  My big -eyed boy drinking his pumpkin shake from Jack-in-the-box turns around and I notice not only how FREAKIN short it is---but I hold up a long piece of hair on the top of his head...and shed a tear at the unevenness around the neckline "

Inner monologue: "Please Dear God let this be a bad dream"

Brent to me: "What?"

Inner monologue: "WHAT?! Can you really be that surprised with my reaction?!?!?!?"

Me to the nobody in particular: "it's SOOO SHORT and I could have cut a straighter line!!!"
Brent: "It's not that bad."

Me to cousin: "Jackie, what do you think?"
Jackie (not wanting to completely get in the middle of it but knowing she must answer) "Ummm..I've seen better"

Me to Brent :"Take him to the bath and then put him in bed...WHERE is my phone?"
Brent with semi-shock in his voice, "You're not going to CALL them, are you? It wasn't HER fault"

Inner monologue, "Really, not HER fault? She CUT his hair this way! She should not even HAVE a license"

I glare at Brent and then dial Sport Shits. I mean, Sport Clips.

Me trying in my nicest pissed-off-voice to sweet sounding girl on the phone: "Um, my husband and son were just in there for a haircut...I'm not sure who cut my son's hair..'
Sweet girl: "That was me"
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend you or anything...BUT THIS IS THE WORST HAIRCUT I'VE EVER SEEN.."
I continue on for approximately 2-3 minutes explaining the details of her failures...

Sweet girl now sounding feeble: "Oh, do you have time to bring him back in so I can fix it up?
Me: "No, sweetie, it's 8:30 and it's past his bedtime and I know you are closed. I would like a full refund"
Sweet girl: "Can I have your number and the manager will call you tomorrow and take care of it"
Me: "Yes, yes you can".

After a semi-calming hot shower, I go into Grant's room to tuck him into bed and explain to him that I'm not mad at him, I'm just not happy with how the girl cut his hair but that hair will grow back and that he is a handsome boy no matter what.
"Ok mom" he says a nods off to sleep.

This morning, I get the kids ready for their school picture and try desperately to give some "lift" to Grant's hair with some gel.
Sigh. It didn't grow in overnight as I was praying for.

Here's a quick pic of them this morning...Let's hope Gwen opens her eyes and takes her hood off for the actual picture:

Lessons and reflections:
1) When kids are "borderline" for haircuts the night before picture day, do not, under ANY circumstance, get their hair cut at any place that starts with the name "Best" or "Sports"

2) When you recognize that you are a control-freak, make sure you are in charge of a situation if you care that much about the outcome

Have I always been a control freak you ask?"
My mom often tells a story about how, at 2 years old, I would tell my grandmother that "I could do it" when it came to washing dishes after dinner and I would proceed to climb up on a stool and wash the dishes.  
Though we have always have attributed this to my "independence" ..... I now have a feeling that this was the beginnings of a control freak and  I probably thought that I could just wash the dishes better than she could.


  1. Michelle,
    I can understand you wanting to be in control at times. When you fly back to Ohio or wherever you may be heading, do you take over as captain of the plane? Ha Ha...

  2. From one control freak to another...that comment above was from David. Which I kindly spell checked : ) He tends to have spelling errors.

  3. LOL David..Flying is REALLY difficult for me (and consequently for Brent)...He thinks I need to be medicated when we fly and I don't disagree with him. My hand sweat; my temperature rises; I often cry. Hate not being in control