Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Not So Funny Silly Putty Morning

It's been one of those mornings. It all started last night when Brent didn't get home until 11pm from work....then Gwen got up at midnight until 1:00 a.m.(I rocked her back asleep mostly because I fell half-asleep doing it), and then she woke up  for the day at 4:00 a.m. wanting, "a snack, not breakfast".  I hit the coffee grinder and proceed with the morning while Gwen watched "Dora the Explorer" and ate her "breakfast snack" (I didn't even fight her when she insisted on fishy crackers..some mornings you just have to pick your battles).

Then...a scream..or perhaps more of a almost sounded fake. I thought, "Was that Grant from the bedroom? or was it Dora's damn monkey, Boots from the TV?"  Pour coffee.
Scream/screech again.  Sip coffee.

From the hallway walks an eyes-half -open Brent and Grant with what looked to be his pillowcase attached to his head.  I now understand that I mistakenly accused Boots of the scream and it all became clear...or more appropriately, sticky. 

Pound cup of coffee and pour another. Inner monologue: " Damn! Why didn't I make a full pot??"

Me: (even though I without-a doubt knew what happened, I felt the need to still ask.. "What is going on?!!!" Brent: "He has silly putty stuck to his head"

And then I look more closely and see that his pillowcase is being held onto his head by a softball size mound of nasty, brown, gumlike, silly putty. 

I look at the clock knowing I have to leave for work int 15 minutes
Me: "What?!?!? Grrrrrrraaaannnnnnnnt! I TOLD you not to sleep with your silly putty!!!!" Brent: "Michelle, yelling at him is not going to solve the problem".

Brent rips the pillowcase from his head. SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM  Me to Brent: "Like that was a better option?"
Great, now this is turning into a domestic dispute.  

Gwen: (who has been oblivious to this entire situation because Dora is attempting to rescue Unicornio from the evil King Owl), chimes in:"what's going on guys?"  Me to Gwen as if I'm talking to a rational adult who will provide me with a answer as to what to do, "Grant has silly putty in his hair" Gwen: "Ohh....Why????" 

Meanwhile the adults in the house do what they would normally do in a situation such as this: Me--I call my mom in Ohio. Brent- he gets on his computer.

Turns out if you Google "How to Remove Silly Putty From Hair"---it comes up with multiple options. Oh goody, we are not the only idiots who don't check the kids' bed for sticky toys before hitting the pillow ourselves.

Brent reads, "WD-40, baby oil, or hand sanitizer".....Hand sanitizer??? Well, my dear husband, you married the right woman I say just under my breath as I open my kitchen drawer to 7 bottles of STERIS hand sanitizer (I'll save why my parents are well stocked up on STERIS hand sanitizer and routinely send me bottles this for another blog--)

Well, 15 minutes of massaging this miracle solution to remove the not-so-silly stuck-to-my-kid's-head putty and using a fine tooth comb....the first of the mornings' challenges was solved.....or more appropriately, dissolved.
Next up: find a Starbucks on the way to work without a monster line at the drive through.

  As I sip on my $5.00 triple venti non-fat pumpkin latte, I ponder lessons learned from this mornings "challenge":

1) Check your kids' bed for any objects that can result in pillowcases, sheets, or blankets becoming attached to the head.

2) Remain calm and call your mom while your husband looks for a solution to the problem if lesson 1 is not followed.

3) Go ahead and make that full pot of coffee and stop trying to be cheap, you never know how much you'll need to drink that morning.


  1. OMG! So sorry about your morning : ( No pics? lol Hugs!

  2. I thought about taking photos AFTER it was all out!! LOL!! I think my brain was too slow....