Monday, January 23, 2012

Chile Verde....MY way.

Disclaimer:  I forgot to take a when I"m eating leftovers tonight, I'll snap one...Secondly, The last two posts were super healthy and introduced a couple of new superfoods: Quinoa and Chia Seeds.....and my next blog, I promise I'll give you a new, healthy recipe...however, this post...well, say hello to:

Go ahead...scroll down...

the suspense...


Ok, sorry, I couldn't help it. I'll leave my political views out of it.

As I was typing the recipe, I started feeling guilty for my I cheated...and I even CONSIDERED telling you that I roasted my own Serrano chiles and jalapenos...

But damn it. That's just not who I am. I'm not going to lie about a recipe in hopes that I'll have more followers

    Side note: Did you know that some blogs gain 160,000 new followers per month?  Geez, I thought I was doing good with my 13 committed readers and a few readers who don't like to sign up for things!!! lol

This is a FANTASTIC recipe and it's super easy and I wouldn't change a thing.

And it feeds a crowd!

   Side note: It would be a great alternative to all of those standard chili recipes that are made for superbowl parties.

Easy Crock-pot Chili Verde
feeds a crowd!

1 2 pound pork shoulder
1 16 oz can of green enchilada sauce (I used Las Palmas)
1 tiny can of jalapenos 
2 tiny cans of green chilles
1 large salsa verde (I used Vons brand)
1 large yellow onion; chopped
1 can organic free range chicken broth 

Into the crockpot: Everything from above
Cook on low at least 10 hours.

Now before I continue on, let me explain how I like to eat chile verde and how Brent likes to eat it.

Me = in a bowl. rice on the bottom, chile verde on top, then all of the yummy toppings and I use a tortilla as more of a dipping "bread". 

Brent =  He likes to use the chile verde meat INSIDE a a tortilla and makes a taco out of it.


IT'S MUCH BETTER as a true chile---so don't be tempted to make tacos out of this recipe!! 

In the morning, the meat is SO tender after all of that time cooking, it litterally falls of the bone--the shoulder blade bone, to be specific.

So, you need to remove the bone and all of the fat and then shred the meat.

I know, slightly annoying and slightly gross...but it is what it is and you have to do it.

Once you have done that, you can keep the chile on warm until your guests arrive.

Really good make ahead meal.

Now for the condiments:

Mexican Rice:
Don't judge: I used Rice a Roni

Come on! 
Rice an Roni IS THE "San Francisco Treat"---and the 49ers WERE attempting to make it to the superbowl that afternoon....

..Yeah, THAT's why I made it....

Oh it comes...that catholic guilt again
Ok, the truth:
We like it.
Feel free to make the healthier choice and use brown rice.

But remember, you are eating pork chili verde...this is hardly the Omega-3 packed superfood recipe here...

small corn tortillas
fresh tomatoes; chopped
fresh cilantro; chopped
red onion; chopped
favorite shredded cheese (I used colby but peperjack would be really good too)
lime wedges

And if you are me:
Into a bowl:
2)Chile Verde
3)Tomatoes, Red Onions, LOTS of cilantro, cheese, lime wedge

Serve with warm corn tortillas and a big spoon.

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