Monday, November 21, 2011

Simon says....The Gaylords "cleaned house"

ok, ok, based on my late night status update on Saturday night and the comments from my fellow facebookers, it seems evident that I need  to explain my status a bit more... for those of you not on facebook, here's what it said,

"The Gaylords' cleaned house tonight...and I"m not talking the steam cleaning kind of "cleaned".

Some of you thought, "wow, that's TMI, Michelle"
Get you head out of the gutters friends!!!
Here's the events of the night:

About 2 months ago, we were invited to our realtor, Sam's holiday party at the RB Country Club for drinks and appetizers.  Brent was a bit skeptical, thinking that we wouldn't know anyone fun could THAT be?

Me, on the otherhand, always enjoys a good par-tay...
..I mean, who doesn't love free drinks and appetizers??
..and seeing as we have not achieved, "Country Club level status", I wanted to see the Rancho Bernardo Country Club....whose golf course is behind our house..

And, on top of this, the event benefited Toys for Tots...
Win.Win.Win.     in my book.
Booked babysitter.
Got dressed up.
DROVE the 200 feet to the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo (it was cold folks)

We were the first ones there and Brent was rolling his eyes at me telling me that we should "drive around for a bit and we shouldn't be the first ones inside.

I made him park the car.
We went in, dropped off the Candyland game into the bin and received our drink tickets and our tickets for the raffle and noticed there was a DJ.

Inner monologue: There are prizes AND dancing?? Love this party already

Soon the place filled up with about 50 people and we began socializing
Mr. DJ to crowd: "Ok ladies, I need everyone up here for a game"

Inner monolgue: I haven't had enough wine to get up in front of 50 of my closest friends let alone, all of these strangers who obviously all knew each other. Hell No I'm not getting up there.

Brent to me: " Go, just go up there, you'll be the only one..just do it"

So I slowly walk up to the dance floor, trying my best to hide behind the gal next to me.

Inner monologue: "I know how these DJ's work, we are going to have to do something embarrassing..where's my wine?"

Mr. DJ to 30 ladies on stage: "Ok ladies, you all know how to play Simon says, right?"

Inner monolgue: shit.shit.shit. This IS going to be embarrassing. I should just screw up right away

However, my competitive nature got the best of me and the next thing I know, there's only 10 girls left, ...including me

Then 7....
then 5....
now 3.....
down to the last 2..

...I look to the pretty girl next to me and we introduce ourselves and shake hands...

Mr. DJ speaking like he's an auctioneer sputters out  about 100 mph: "Simon says, put your hands on your head, simon says, eyes...simon says knees, simon says ears....lips"

..and there I was, with my hands still on my ears and I look to Mary who has hers on her lips.

Inner monolouge: "I win!! YES!"
Mary says "good job, congrats" and she walks back to her table

I'm on stage alone. Starting to feel like I'm running a fever.

Just as I start making my way back to Brent (who, is sitting drinking his cocktail with a somewhat proud look on his face).. Sam comes to the microphone to hand me my prize.

"Michelle, due to your fine Simon says skills, you've received a gift certificate for a cut and color from Ms. Sylist at Blush Salon in Poway."

Seeing as I dye my own hair due to how freakin' $$$ it is these days to have it done in a salon, I was happy.

Check that.

Part II:  The Raffle

And I'll just get to the point on this one: my ticket was picked for 2 Spray Tans at Urban Sun . Now, I'm not into spray tanning, so I gifted this one to my cousin Jackie later that evening.

.... I was kind of impressed that I had won two prizes already.

Part III  Almost time to go home

We were supposed to be meeting my cousin and her boyfriend at  The Rancho Bernardo Inn for drinks, which is located next to the Country's getting late and they were already there waiting for us...but I felt kind of bad leaving the party early...

...I mean, I didn't want to just take my prizes and run after all...
..and plus, Brent's ticket was still left for the GRAND prize...

...but really, how lucky COULD we be that night?

So, I'm not really paying attention to what's going on around me..I'm busy talking to my new Chardonnay-induced BFF, Shayne

   Side note: She was born and raised in Santa Barbara and we sat down next to each other at the table and we were both wearing the SAME Stella and Dot Petra bracelet. This one:

..Then I hear it:  Sam on the microphone saying, "Wow, The Gaylords really cleaned house this evening"...
I stop talking and realize that Brent's ticket was drawn for the grand prize:


4 Tickets To the Happiest Place on Earth!!! That's right folks, a family 4 pack to  Disneyland!

I could hardly believe my ears. And, in fact, I think I may have done a little jumping up and down at that point
Brent tells me to go up there and get the tickets....not hesitating, I run up the stage and thank Sam

Me to Sam: "Thank you so much, but I feel bad that we won so many of your prizes.."
Inner monologue: "Not really, I'm totally stoked about all of the prizes because we never win anything, but I just it was appropriate to say that" 

Soooo......does that clear it up for all of you?  We "cleaned house"....we cleaned them out of the prizes that they had that night....

Lessons learned:
1)Getting to a party before anyone else arrives allows you drink the better wine at the tables before having to use your drink tickets for the less stellar wine at the bar.

2)Getting to a party where there is raffle tickets MAY influence your chances of having BOTH of your tickets selected.

3) Playing all of those "dumb" games with your children may actually come in handy some day.

4) "Cleaning house" apparently has some other "R-rated" connotation that I was NOT aware of at midnight or so when I posted that status.

LOL. Pour Wine...Simon Says.

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  1. and since posting this, I was made aware that the term I THOUGHT I heard, "cleaned house"...was probably "Cleaned up"....what can I say, I was drinking wine and talking to Shayne, so I probably misheard....