Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall.."

After the first night, I decided SOMETHING had to be done for the 2nd day of parties.

Something must be done to correct the lameness of my costume.

Perhaps The Queen of Hearts needed:
Some sparkle.
Some bling.
A new look, if you will.

I began the transformation while Gwen was asleep

Step 1: Tape costume 4 inches so it actually fits around my waist....give up trying to make myself look bustier on the top....WASTE.OF.TIME.

Step 2: Add some gold glitter eye shadow,red lipstick, red and white heart on cheek, and dig WAY WAY deep in my cosmetic bag for some semblance of mascara and apply heavily (easy to do since the last time I actually wore mascara was a year ago and the thing is really dried out)

Step 3: Discovered to my surprise, the red wig that I wore at my bachelorette party in downtown Santa Barbara 5 years ago and determine it is the PERFECT accessory for my costume

Inner monologue upon looking in the mirror: "Not bad, Not bad if I DO say so myself"

Feeling confident (a bit overconfident perhaps?) in my re-working of the Queen of Hearts, I get Gwen ready for our neighbor Kerry's party and await The King's arrival with Bumblebee from Saturday's 1st party.

Meanwhile our neighbor Jack came over to show us his costume...he was a morph costume this year, apparently all other colors were sold out except this white one.  Here's a photo of he and my little Elmo:

Me to Jack: "What do you think of my costume?"

Jack to Me: "Mrs. Gaylord, are you the Wendy's girl from that restaurant?"

Blank Stare. Nothing to say.


Inner monologue: "What?? The Wendy's girl!??!  No way!"

I run down the hallway to Jackie's room, which has the only full length mirror in the house and what I expected to see was this:

But the reality was, I saw this:

No longer feeling confident of the re-vamping of the costume, I decided to put on my best smile and take a photo with my little Elmo.  She told me she "liked my shiny hair" and in reality, that's all that mattered

What did Brent think? 

Brent and said it  did perhaps resemble the "Queen of French-Fries"

As I looked into the mirror again I'm sure Brent could sense that I was becoming insecure about my costume......He stood next to me and looked into the mirror and said, "don't worry, I look more like: 

.....than a king"


What could I say to that?

Me to Brent: "Mirrors never lie, I guess!! "

..and off we went to the party across the street: Bumblebee, Elmo, Wendy and The Pope.

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