Friday, February 11, 2011

"Pinchies" for Mama's birthday!

Brent was out of town for work and was due to arrive back to San Diego at 3:00pm. I asked him if could come home early for my birthday and he said yes, except for needing to swing by the office and pick up his computer (side story: Brent didn't realize he had forgotten his computer until he was going through the security check point at Lindburgh---HOW do you not notice the weight differential in your computer bag carrying it?) 

Anyway, fast forward to 5:00p with the Birthday girl getting irritated that he's not home yet ON MY BIRTHDAY after being gone.....pour wine.
6:00, considerably irritated now
6:17, in walks "The savior himself" according to the kids reaction, "Daddy, Daddy! Daddy" (Birthday girl/Mom refills her Saugvion Blanc)
I notice him carrying a large box into the sun room and proceeds to tell Grant to help open Mommy's birthday present. AHHHHHH LOBSTERS!!! That's where he was since he landed! Hunting Lobsters down in San Diego!!  Now I feel slightly bad for being so angry!!! Well, Brent took one out to show the kids and dropped it on the ground, which caused a slightly chaotic scene!! Here's the video...I missed Grant saying "They're everywhere!" like it was revenge of lobsters or something. Gwen (or "Gwenies" as she calls herself) did not think eating the pinchies was a good idea at all.

He ALSO picked up a Nothing Bundt Cake--carrot cake, that was DELISH. WOW that is a BIG BLAZE with all of those candles!!

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