Monday, September 12, 2011

Muchas Gracias Tasha--part uno.

My good friend Tasha surprised me with some bento supplies from her trip to Orange County this past weekend. This is VERY exciting as I have been really wanting to purchase more supplies, but do to a refinance of our house have been on "spending hold" per the husband.

I will be debuting some new bento creations with them. Today, I'd like to share the new bento box and the mini-sandwich press (LOVE this).

These adorable triangle bento boxes are perfect sizes for toddlers (the  blue which Grant deemed as his, the pink one Gwen informed me was hers because, "I like pink ones")  They are two tiered, with one of the tiers having a covered compartment, which I always find useful.  Inside the covered compartments, I packed pears and watermelon:

Inside the top portion of the bento was their carrots, string cheese-- I cut one in half and give half to each kid because they never finish a whole one--and, they fit better in the bento boxes this way  :)  as well as shelled edamame.  They also received a "treat" of yogurt covered raisins.  The MOST exciting part of the bento was their turkey and colby cheese elephant sandwich, made with the neat sandwich press from Tasha.  How adorable is that?!!??!

Now, I'm new to this "pinning" thing that everyone seems to be into these days but I do think it's a neat way to organize your ideas and wish-lists etc. So, if you'd like to follow what I'm thinking..."follow" me on

Stayed tuned to for the other goodies from Tasha...

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